Why Kiddiwinkie?

Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse adopts an inquiry-based approach towards early childhood education, balancing play and school-readiness in the curriculum.

Our unique curriculum is based on three underpinning principles of constructivism, ecological systems theory and neuroscience.

Learning through the process of inquiry and active hands-on experiences.

Shaping the child’s development through diverse environmental influences with families and the community as partners-in-education.

Exploratory play allows the infants to interact and explore freely with the environment and objects around them. By exploring open-ended materials, the infants make sense of things, their uses and functions, and the causality of how things work.

Supporting healthy early brain development through nurturing interactions and meaningful experiences to build a strong foundation for learning.

Believing that curiosity is the first step to learning, Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse aims to harness enthusiasm and fuel curiosity in young learners through innovative and experiential learning approach. Along with an intriguing and thought-provoking learning environment, it challenges and stretches children’s learning and development.

We also aim to develop a cosmopolitan child as we take our children on a fun and interactive learning journey to ignite their curiosity and creativity. With an inquiry-based curriculum, our young charges become constructors of knowledge as they explore, discover and learn.