Infant Care

A Natural and Nurturing Approach

Through our infant care programme, we provide a respectful environment that supports the development, engagement and overall well-being of our infants and toddlers.

Designed based on the C.A.R.E framework, our educarers embrace the importance of being Communicative, Attentive, Responsive and Engaging, so as to establish positive and responsive relationships with our littlest ones and support their development during the first year.

Infant care services are available at selected KiddiWinkie Schoolhouse campuses, with daily activities and routine care taking place at a dedicated section of the premises. With purposefully planned spaces, our discovery corners feature a nature-inspired theme to encourage our infants to explore and learn about the world around them.

kiddiwinkie infant care

Sensory Oasis for Infants

Some of our KiddiWinkie Schoolhouse centres with infant care services feature a Sensory Oasis facility filled with elements that ignite our infants’ curiosity in a peaceful and relaxing environment. 

Sensory Oasis is a dark room designed for infants that promotes relaxation and encourages development and stimulation. Being immersed with soothing sounds, captivating aromas and a variety of learning materials, our little ones will get to explore the environment using their 5 senses. This helps to uplift their sensory play experiences and discoveries while keeping their minds and emotions calm. 

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When our young ones are relaxed, happy and comfortable in a safe space like this, learning and developmental opportunities take place, even at the earliest stages of life.

To date, we are the first preschool in Singapore to introduce such a facility and we’re certain this will enhance the children’s care and learning experiences with us.

kiddiwinkie infant care
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Curriculum Framework

Our carefully crafted curriculum for infants encompasses programmes and activities that encourage spontaneous and sensory learning in a safe and secure environment.

Some of the programme highlights for infant care at KiddiWinkie Schoolhouse include:

kiddiwinkie infant care
Sensorial Discovery

A highly-sensorial programme, your child will get to explore with a variety of everyday materials as he/she learns about colours, textures and the sounds they make. This helps to stimulate your child’s senses as he/she becomes more aware of the environment.

kiddiwinkie infant care
Nature Exploration

Who’s up for some fun exploration with leaves, twigs and more? Your child will be presented with a variety of props found in the natural environment with guidance from our educarers. Through this, he/she will encouraged to discover his/her surroundings through exploration, engagement and interaction with these materials.

kiddiwinkie infant care
Music and Movement

Get ready for one of your child’s first encounters with music. A music programme designed specially for infants, your child will be introduced to different genres of music while exploring elements such as tempo, beat and rhythm. There are also opportunities to get hands-on with various musical instruments – what a treat!

kiddiwinkie infant care
Physical Development

We know how important movement is for our littlest ones as they put those muscles to work. Your child will get to do all that through fun activities that helps to strengthen his/her fine and gross motor skills such as parachute play, catching bubbles and more.

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