Infant Care

A Natural Rhythm of Development

Our approach to infant care is rooted in the concept of Natural Rhythm™, where we facilitate opportunities for infants to grow at their own pace while honoring their inherent developmental rhythm. This natural progression begins in infancy and extends through the playgroup and pre-nursery stages.

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C.A.R.E Philosophy

The C.A.R.E Philosophy embodies our dedication to fostering the holistic growth and development of children. It represents Caregiving, Authenticity, Relationships, and Engagement, all of which are integral to our educational approach.

Caregiving extends beyond mere physical care; it encompasses the creation of opportunities for comprehensive development. We prioritise not only meeting children's basic needs but also nurturing their emotional, social, and cognitive well-being.

Authenticity is paramount in our interactions and activities. We curate experiences that resonate with children, aiding their understanding of the world around them. Our endeavors are tailored, age-appropriate, and meaningful, encouraging genuine engagement and comprehension.

We place great emphasis on fostering strong relationships. We strive to build trust and rapport with both parents and children, creating a supportive atmosphere where everyone feels valued and secure.

Engagement lies at the core of our educational approach. We advocate for active participation and child-led exploration, igniting curiosity and a passion for learning. Our environment is thoughtfully crafted to stimulate discovery, creativity, and a love for learning.

Ultimately, the C.A.R.E Philosophy guides us in cultivating a nurturing, authentic, and engaging environment where each child is honored, supported, and empowered to achieve their utmost potential.

Natural Motricity™

Natural Motricity™ highlights the innate ability of children to learn and master physical movement from an early stage of development. As they progress, they naturally refine their motor skills, becoming more adept at navigating their environment. Confidence plays a pivotal role in their success.

Providing children with opportunities to explore and initiate activities independently fosters a sense of self-efficacy. This empowerment instills a belief in their ability to accomplish tasks autonomously, cultivating self-trust and a positive self-perception of their capabilities.

kiddiwinkie natural motricity

Embracing Curiosity

At KiddiWinkie Schoolhouse, we celebrate the inherent curiosity of children, which often surfaces around the age of 2 through their persistent questioning of "WHY." This natural inclination towards inquiry remains a potent learning catalyst throughout their early developmental years.

As children continue to navigate the intricacies of the world around them, their incessant "whys" serve as portals to acquiring knowledge and insights. This curiosity sparks a thirst for understanding the mechanisms of their environment, fostering a fervent desire to learn and explore.

Embracing Curiosity affirms and nurtures children's intrinsic urge to question, learn, and venture into the unknown, establishing a solid framework for a lifelong passion for discovery and comprehension.


Infant Care services are available at the following centres:

Cactus Mountbatten
East Coast Orchard
Harbourfront Upper Bukit Timah
Jurong Gateway  
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Key Programmes

As we take our infants through their exploration of the world around them, we tap into the following programmes to develop early motor and language skills.


FIITercise introduces fundamental movement skills to our young infants, as they develop at their own pace, based on their age group and capabilities. Through this programme, our infants strengthen their gross motor skills and build on their confidence in exploring the world around them.


Focusing on the language arts component, Pic-a-book uses familiar nursery rhymes and stories to promote our infants’ language acquisition through listening, comprehending and speaking. Through this programme, our infants role-play and dramatise familiar nursery rhymes and stories that are brought to life through pictorial scenes and sensorial play experiences.

Sensory Oasis for Infants

Some of our KiddiWinkie Schoolhouse centres with infant care services feature a Sensory Oasis™ facility filled with elements that ignite our infants’ curiosity in a peaceful and relaxing environment. 

Adapted from the Snozelen concept, Sensory Oasis™ is a multi-sensory room for infants that promotes relaxation and encourages development and stimulation. Being immersed with soothing sounds, captivating lights and a variety of learning materials, our little ones will get to explore the environment using their 5 senses. This helps to uplift their sensory play experiences and discoveries while keeping their minds and emotions calm. 

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When our young ones are relaxed, happy and comfortable in a safe space like this, learning and developmental opportunities take place, even at the earliest stages of life.

To date, we are the first preschool in Singapore to introduce such a facility and we’re certain this will enhance the children’s care and learning experiences with us.

Progressing to Playgroup and Beyond

As our infants transition to the playgroup stage, we ensure continuity in their developmental journey by introducing them to our Grow Space, an extension of our renowned Sensory Oasis™ concept.

Within each classroom, the Grow Space serves as a dedicated area where children embark on a journey of emotional discovery. Here, they learn to recognise and understand their emotions, laying the foundation for healthy emotional expression. Our educators provide age-appropriate strategies to help children navigate and manage their feelings, empowering them with valuable life skills.

At the heart of this initiative is our commitment to nurturing children's social and emotional well-being. By strengthening their emotional intelligence, we equip them with the tools needed to cultivate and navigate meaningful relationships effectively.

Grow Space
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