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About Our Curriculum

Central to our philosophy is a belief that a positive mindset with a winning attitude can take every child to the horizons of success. 

From Character Development, Creative Exploration, Linguistic Literacy, Sustainability to Global Diversity, our all-rounded curriculum aims to cultivate each child's love for learning, inspire a winning mindset, and spark the courage to imagine a better tomorrow. 

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kiddiwinkie winning mindset
Winning Mindset

With a winning mindset, we want every child to feel more confident and:

- See challenges as opportunities

- Successes as a step towards more success

- Failures as opportunities to growing, learning and developing wisdom

kiddiwinkie winning experience
Winning Experience

We offer well-rounded learning experiences to children in a safe and caring environment.

We cultivate every child’s confidence and agency as they learn through our curriculum which follows a neuroscience-backed, inquiry-based model. Through this, children are encouraged to ask questions, engage with materials and share ideas, and truly imagine and experience the diversities and wonders around them.

kiddiwinkie winning planet
Winning Planet

We activate the environmental consciousness within children by exposing them to the environment. We let them discover a deeper appreciation of the world around them. By experiencing and cherishing, they learn to respect their resources and do their part to care for the planet too.

Sustainable Education™

At KiddiWinkie Schoolhouse, an education brand of Babilou Family Singapore, we are dedicated to fostering a pedagogical approach rooted in Sustainable Education™. Our commitment lies in nurturing children to not only flourish but also to become conscientious individuals poised to make meaningful contributions to the world. 

Central to our philosophy is ensuring the holistic well-being of each child, both physically and emotionally, by attuning to their Natural Rhythm™. By embracing their innate curiosity and existing knowledge, we ignite a dynamic learning journey. 


Sustainable Education® underscores the importance of embracing diversity and promoting inclusion, recognising the rich tapestry of cultures in our global community. To ensure a comprehensive educational journey, we actively engage families as partners, fostering collaboration to support the holistic development of our students. Together, we cultivate an environment where every child can thrive and reach their full potential.

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Discover our learning approaches and curriculum framework for the various levels:


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