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About Our Curriculum

We believe that curiosity is the first step to learning. Through age-appropriate learning experiences, we take children on a fun and interactive journey where they are encouraged to explore, discover and showcase their creativity.

Our curriculum is developed based on science and research of the following principals and how they connect to the way a child learns:

kiddiwinkie schoolhouse curriculum
kiddiwinkie infant care

We see children as constructors of knowledge as they learn through the process of inquiry. All our activities are designed to provide hands-on experiences as our little ones discover the world around them.

kiddiwinkie infant care
Ecological Systems Theory

We recognise that a child’s learning and development are shaped through diverse environmental influences. With that, we work closely with our families and community partners, to enrich our children’s learning experiences.

kiddiwinkie infant care

From birth, children are tuned to learn and acquire a variety of skills. Through the care and learning journey with us, we create nurturing interactions and meaningful experiences for our children to provide a strong foundation for learning and handling life's hurdles.

Discover our learning approaches and curriculum framework for the various levels:


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