What are you paying for in your child’s preschool fees?

When the time comes to choose a preschool for your child, the fees are certainly a big factor to consider. It is important to choose a preschool that fits the bill – literally! 

There are different tiers of preschool pricing in Singapore. 

Types of preschools in Singapore

In Singapore, we have ECDA anchor operators, as well as private operators.

Anchor operators receive funding from the government and keep to a monthly fee cap in order to ensure that any fee increases are kept affordable for parents. Many anchor operators have accessible locations in HDB estates which also helps keep rent low.

Private operators include partner operators, non-partner operators, as well as premium preschool brands such as Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse. Partner operators are also provided funding support and have a higher fee cap than anchor operators for Singapore Citizen children.

What do your preschool fees cover?

No matter what school your child ends up attending, preschool fees pay for good quality early childhood care and education, such as the thoughtfully-planned core programmes available at Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse. The children are guided through inquiry-based learning in early language and numeracy acquisition, structured around MOE's Nurturing Early Learners (NEL) framework

Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse

Facilities costs are also covered by school fees

Included in the preschool fees as well are expenses for embedded enrichment programmes, facilities, and the learning environment. Some preschools have gardens, indoor or outdoor playgrounds, and even water play and sand play areas that the children can use during their curriculum time.

For example, Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse @ Cactus (Yio Chu Kang) has a beautiful pond in the centre garden filled with fish and terrapins, as well as a tricycle track. 

Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse

Snacks, meals and drinks

Lastly, of course, meals are also included. For some preschools, food may be catered from a central kitchen, while others may enjoy food that is prepared in-house.

Do note that some preschools may have external arrangements with vendors to supply extra fresh milk or yogurt if required, to make it easier for parents. These special orders are not covered by school fees.

Are there other expenses not covered by fees?

Occasionally there will be extra expenses outside of the monthly or termly fees. These include administrative charges, a deposit and insurance to safeguard your child.

For safety and easy identification, the purchase of uniforms is required by parents as well. Generally, preschools in Singapore require children to wear school uniforms and PE attire daily, especially for activities such as excursions. 

Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse

Excursions and learning journeys

Most preschools arrange for excursions throughout the school year, and these will also incur extra charges to cover transport and entrance fees if applicable. These learning journeys and trips give the children hands-on opportunities and are often planned around curriculum themes and topics, such as visits to museums, cultural centres, local attractions, or educational visits, to value-add to your child’s learning. 

If your child requires the school bus service to pick up or drop off, this will also be an extra cost that is not covered by the school fees. 

Mementoes and keepsakes

When it comes to precious memories of the preschool years, parents can also purchase class photographs at an extra cost. Many schools work with photography studios to provide customised packages so that parents can purchase a basic set or splash out a little more for special items such as CDs or keepsake frames to document your child's memories and milestones in preschool.

Lastly, the year-end concert is almost always the pinnacle of the school year, especially for the little ones who are graduating and leaving the school. Costumes, tickets, and keepsakes such as DVDs and photographs are chargeable outside of school fees. 

Looking for a playgroup in Singapore for your child?

Find out more about our curriculum at Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse, and book a tour at your preferred centre to see our facilities for yourself and learn how our preschools can guide and grow your children during their early years.  



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