Top Tips for Choosing the Best Infant Care

Choosing the right infant care for your child can be such a difficult decision – especially if you are a first-time parent.
A child’s environment is a very influential factor in development. From the age of 0 to 5, the brain is quick to absorb and learn. Thus, positive stimulation along with the appropriate care will help to set your child on the right path for the years ahead.

Finding a suitable caregiver to look after your infant when you go back to work can be a very daunting task. Should you ask the grandparents, hire a domestic helper, or enrol your baby in infant care? Either option can still bring jitters to a new parent as they each have their benefits and drawbacks. 

If you have chosen to enrol your bundle of joy in an infant care in Singapore, you should have a few questions lined up for the centres that you are visiting before you make that all-important decision. 

What are some key factors that could affect your decision?

Top Considerations When Choosing an Infant Care in Singapore

1.  Centre Environment

A great preschool should be warm and inviting so that the children who pass through its gates will always feel welcomed and loved. Find out about the infant care centre’s philosophy and values. This is important as you want to find a centre that aligns with your parenting beliefs.  

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Do check the set-up in the infant room. Are the cots clean and comfortable? Is the room tidy and cosy?

Do they have enough teachers to help with the infants? Does the room provide enough appropriate stimulation for baby to develop their motor skills and senses? 

2. Meals

In the first six months of your infant’s life, milk is a necessary form of nutrients for their little bodies. Whether you offer formula or breast milk, it is important to check with the infant care centre on their approach to milk preparation.

For mothers who are keen to offer expressed breast milk, find a centre that will support your breastfeeding journey with the right equipment on site. 

Offering solids to your infant when they hit six months of age is another huge milestone in their lives, as well as yours. Most parents are often worried about the nutritional values of the food they offer to their infants, catering only for the best food for optimal growth.

Meal plans at these infant care centres should be readily available for your perusal. 

3. Curriculum

Every infant care centre in Singapore should have a dedicated curriculum that caters to the infants’ development. The best curriculum should promote curiosity through exploration and discovery as a way of learning. Find a centre that speaks best to your child’s needs.

The infant care programme at Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse features the C.A.R.E approach – Caring, Attentive, Responsive and Engaging, to establish positive and respectful relationships with your young ones. 

4. Location and Cost

Ensure that the infant care centre you have chosen is within easy access from home or your workplace. Convenience is key, as you would not want to compete with rush hour traffic to get to your children. In an emergency, you will appreciate the ability to get to your children quickly. 

Once you have selected the best infant care centre for your babies, you will receive a breakdown of the costs. 

Singaporean children with working mothers can receive a subsidy of up to $600, while non-working mothers will receive $150 from the government. Financial assistance is also available through the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA)

Be sure to ask about hidden costs like outings, activities, extra-curricular and learning materials.

5. Safety and Hygiene of the Centre 

Your child’s health and safety should never be compromised under any circumstances. In their growing years, children are more vulnerable to illnesses as their immune systems mature. 

Check that your infant care centre of choice has proper protocols for food preparation, and sanitisation of the classrooms. Children should have their hands washed before and after meals or activities. 

For infants, the sleeping arrangements should cater to the different stages of their growth (lowered cribs for those who can stand or cruise; cots cleared of toys, with only a fitted sheet covering the mattress). 

All infant care centres should also clearly delineate their policy for school pick-ups. Any unauthorised person who is not on your list should not be given access to your child without your prior approval.

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Decision Time

Now that you have a list of considerations to mull over, it is time to check out the best infant care centre in Singapore! 

Book a tour at your preferred Kiddiwinke Schoolhouse to check out our facilities and find out how we can partner you on your parenting journey.


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