Practical Tips to Boost Your Child's Confidence for the Preschool Concert

The end of the school year brings with it bittersweet memories as our children move from one level to the next. One of the biggest and best ways to celebrate this move is the year-end preschool concert. 

However, while parents may await this concert with bated breath, some children may be holding their breath out of anxiety and worry instead. Not everyone is born to take the stage, and that’s okay. 

How can we make it easier for the little ones who are more reserved to grow their confidence for the performance?

Communicate, communicate, communicate

Talking to your preschooler is always the most important thing to start with. Talk about their concerns, validate their feelings and address them instead of just brushing them off or dismissing them. 

For example, it can certainly be a scary feeling for any preschooler to stand on stage and look back at a sea of adults staring expectantly back at them. Most likely, their own preschool teacher will be somewhere in front of them, helping the children out with lines and actions. It will be easier for an anxious child to focus on their teacher and not on the audience, so encourage them to keep their eyes on the reassuring figure of their teacher instead of looking out over the audience.

Remind your little one that they will not be alone on stage. They will have all their friends around them!

Get prepared for the preschool concert together as a family

If you can get the concert schedule or routine from your child’s preschool teacher, it is helpful to run through this with your child so that they know what they are supposed to do and what is going to happen. 

Discuss contingency plans so that your child can feel empowered if anything happens. What should they do if the microphone doesn’t work, or if they forget their lines? Being prepared is a good way to help with feeling more in control.

The KiddiWinkie Schoolhouse preschool concert is held in both English and Chinese, which stretches our children’s linguistic abilities and showcases what they have learnt in school. Practice their lines at home together and help them with their pronunciation or memorisation so that they can feel more confident about their presentations. 

KW Concert

Keep things light and fun with the preschool concert

Our children may be keenly aware that this is a big deal, because of all the fuss and the extensive rehearsals, particularly if elaborate costumes or dance routines are involved. At the end of the day, the concert should be a fun and happy memory for them. Keep practices light and enjoyable; it should not be a source of stress for you and your little one.

Model cheerful, patient behaviour when you talk about the concert with your child! Showing your preschooler that you are not worried and that you trust them to do their best will go a long way.

Be thoroughly prepared for the concert

Most preschools will keep the children’s concert costumes in school, but if you have to pack it and bring it yourself, be sure to have everything prepared and packed the night before. Labelled wet bags or zipper bags can help with staying organised. Have everything you need - tissues, makeup remover wipes or a travel-sized bottle of micellar water, a comb, hair gel, extra hair ties, safety pins etc - packed in advance to prevent last-minute rushing.

Don’t forget to be early at the venue or to drop your child off to get ready for their performance. 

KW Concert

Praise your preschooler for their performance

After they take their last bow on stage, greet your child excitedly and recount something that they did during the performance that you loved. This shows your little one that you were paying close attention and validates them. If they feel disappointed because they forgot a move or a line, give them a giant hug and reassure them that they did well. They will certainly appreciate hearing how proud you are of them!

A memento like a flower or a card from you can really help cement the day as a good memory. Through the concert, our children build friendships and memories that last a lifetime. Together, you could pick out a photograph that your child particularly likes, and frame it up to remind them how hard they worked and how much fun they had. 

KW Concert

How does the preschool concert help children grow?

The preschool concert certainly helps the little performers to grow in confidence and build their self-esteem. While some may be less eager to take centre stage, the concert is a great way to nudge them out of their shells and encourage their self-assurance to blossom.

As they rehearse with their classmates and go through the concert routines, preschoolers also pick up social skills as well as improve their memory and attentiveness. This not only prepares them for the next level - primary school - but also stands them in good stead for the future.

At KiddiWinkie Schoolhouse, our thoughtfully-designed curriculum programmes help our children grow to become confident and resilient, not just during the year-end concert. Find out more when you book a tour at your preferred KiddiWinkie Schoolhouse location today.

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