Positive phrases you can say to boost your preschooler's confidence

You may have seen videos or clips of people looking into the mirror and reciting affirmations to boost confidence.

It turns out that these affirmations that help support a positive outlook on life are not just good for adults - they help children too.

The benefits of positive phrases for children

In fact, one of the best intangible gifts we can give our children is a healthy sense of self-esteem. In our Asian culture, it can feel difficult to talk about self-esteem when many times it is conflated with overconfidence or arrogance.

However, self-esteem is quite different. It is a sense of self-belief and a willingness to try new things and to not let setbacks get you down. Without this sense of self-esteem, children may not have the confidence to put their newfound intellectual skills to good use.

This is why it is important for parents and educators to empower children with a strong sense of self-esteem. To do so, we can choose our words and actions carefully.


1. “You can do it.”

This is one of the easiest things to say, but it must come from a place of trust and belief in your child. Use it as an encouragement to try difficult things, not out of exasperation and frustration.

2. “I’m so proud of you for trying.”

As parents and educators, we often ask children to do things that may be out of their comfort zones, such as tasting new foods, meeting new people, or trying something difficult. They will not always like the things they have tried, but we should commend them for taking the leap to try it. 

3. “Let’s try it together.”

If your little one is still showing reluctance to step out of their comfort zone, then sometimes all we need is a helping hand and a reassurance that they are not alone. Model this positive behaviour by showing an openness to try things that you are not quite sure about yourself.

4. “I believe in you!”

Display faith in your children’s ability and declare it with pride and confidence. When you show them that you trust that they can do something, it will inspire them to feel that way about themselves as well.

5. “That sounds amazing! Tell me more.”

It can be tempting to brush off your children’s chatter at the end of a long day when you have just picked them up from preschool. But there will come a time when your teenager may clam up, thinking that their day-to-day news is of no value to their parents.

Show your little one that you are interested, invested, and that you would love to hear about their day. Sharing small, understandable tidbits about your day would be a great way to reciprocate and show them that you want to share with them too.

6. “What do you think?”

Give your preschoolers a chance to make choices and give their input when it comes to family decisions.

It can be something as simple as giving them two options for a family dinner and validating their feelings by cheerfully going with whatever they have chosen. This way, they feel like they matter, and they know that you value their contribution - however small.

7. “You can say no.”

Although we want to encourage our children to put themselves out there and step out of their comfort zones, we also want them to know that if they are uncomfortable and struggling - and that it is okay to know their own boundaries and say no. This helps them understand their own limits and know that you are listening to them when they really feel that it is beyond what they can manage.


Boosting confidence in preschools in Singapore

At KiddiWinkie Schoolhouse, our children’s emotional needs are of utmost importance to us. After all, caring for their mental well-being is pivotal in building confidence and resilience.

Throughout the day, we dedicate time to introduce simple exercises to cultivate the habit of paying attention to their emotional needs. This includes teaching them various strategies to find focus, calm down, and show kindness and patience to themselves and others. 

Interested to know more about how we care for your children’s emotional needs? Book a tour with us at your preferred centre today!



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