Important Lessons Children Learn From Their Year-End Concert

At the end of the year, many preschools celebrate the milestone of graduation with a lavish concert.

Whether the children are moving on to primary school or to the next level of playgroup, nursery or kindergarten, it is a wonderful thing to celebrate their achievements and chronicle the hard work they have put in over the year. 

What lessons can our children learn from the year-end concert?

The year-end concert instills confidence in children

It can be quite nerve-wracking for parents to rehearse their children’s lines and dance moves.

Perhaps some parents may be somewhat worried – will their children be able to remember everything? Will they make a mistake on stage when they see everyone staring back at them? It can seem like a lot to handle for such a small kid to take on. 

However, the teachers will always be on hand to prompt the children if they need it. When surrounded by supportive teachers and classmates, children will be more confident than you might expect.

With each little success, their own confidence and self-esteem will grow exponentially. Provide your child with mental and emotional support, and remind them that it is okay if they make mistakes. 

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The year-end concert helps to develop children's memory and attentiveness

It is often a source of gentle amusement to parents when they see the other schoolmates mouth the lines of their friends during the year-end concert!

Children have better memories than we might expect and with all the hard work and practice that they have put in together, they can recall precise lines and moves quite easily. 

As they rehearse multiple times, it gets easier and easier to remember what they have to say and do. Parents, be prepared to sit down and be awed by your child’s prowess!

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The year-end concert teaches children perseverance

The teachers plan the performance around the abilities of each child, so that it is entirely doable and achievable. However, some kids may take a little longer to get there, which is perfectly normal!

Making mistakes as they learn is a part of life. The rehearsals will help them become more proficient, and will assure them that even though they may make errors at first, practice and hard work will definitely help them improve.

This mentality will serve them well as they grow and face more difficulties in life.

The year-end concert builds your children's social skills and cooperativeness

A coordinated performance requires children to work well together and pick up on cues from each other.

In order for the entire performance to knit together, children need to coordinate their movements, lines and positions on the stage. They will even learn how to compliment and encourage each other, especially if their friends may be feeling shy or reluctant to perform.

These social skills are important as your child navigates the world around them. 

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The year-end concert builds tight-knit friendships

For those children who are graduating and moving on to primary school, or even if they are just moving on to the next level, the year-end concert is a beautiful way for them to create precious memories that could last a lifetime.

Whether the performance is quirky, cute, perfect or adorably imperfect, it really does not matter. What your children will remember is the way they worked together with their friends to produce a performance that was uniquely theirs, as well as the proud smiles on their families’ faces.

Even after they have graduated, the children will have countless photos and videos to remind them of this special time.

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