How Your Preschool Child Stands to Benefit from a Strong Parent-School Partnership

The relationship between any school and the parents of the children who are enrolled there is best described as a partnership.

For many children, they spend just as much time with the teachers in preschool as they do with their parents. Research shows that it is important that parents and educators work hand-in-hand for the good of the little ones in their care.

How do strong parent-educator partnerships benefit children?

Increased connections with children

The more shared knowledge there is between the parents and the preschool teachers, the better it is for the children. Learning can be extended from the classroom to home; when you know and understand what your child has been learning in school, you can create similar learning opportunities at home or when you are out on the weekends.

If your child demonstrates a keen interest in insects in school, for example, parents could plan a trip to a butterfly garden or to a park, or look for books that would cultivate that interest.

Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse

Mutual trust between parents and educators

Our children are the most precious people in our lives. Establishing strong communication links with your children’s teachers assures them that you are deeply invested in their lives and their learning outcomes.

When teachers hear about how their teaching has impacted your children’s lives not just in the classroom but also at home, this feedback encourages them and increases the use of effective strategies in the classroom.

It also helps your children when they understand how well their parents and teachers are working together!

Increased support for your child

When parents and teachers work together, it is easier for both partners to anticipate children’s needs and preferences. Having your child's teachers aware of their naptime routine or their favourite foods allows them to note and cater to your child's needs more easily.

On the flip side, if your children have negative encounters in school such as a quarrel with a friend, a strong partnership ensures that you are aware of any difficulties that your children are facing. With this, you can then help them work through it. 

How can preschools foster strong parent-educator relationships?

There are a number of ways you can work together with your child’s preschool teachers and walk together on your child’s learning journey.

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One way to make your presence felt in your child’s school life is to take part in events and activities that involve parents. School concerts, festive celebrations and open houses are great ways to connect with your child and their teachers in the school environment.   

Occasionally, teachers may send home small, fun assignments for the children to complete with parents. For example, they may be asked to make simple lanterns with red packets for Chinese New Year, or to take photographs of a favourite family dish.

When you work together with your preschoolers on these fun assignments, they can see your interest in what they are doing in school, and their sense of pride in what you have achieved together will grow your child's self-confidence

Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse

Some of the best preschools in Singapore also encourage parents to volunteer. At Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse, a parent with an interesting job or with a relevant skillset may be invited to share their experiences and information with the children. Sometimes, parents may come in to support a learning experience – perhaps the kids might set up a stall selling homemade cookies for their chosen charity, and parents can act as customers. 

When it comes to parent-teacher partnerships, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. However, maintaining a keen interest in your preschooler’s school life and open communication with their teachers is a surefire way to obtain better outcomes for children, teachers, families, and schools.

Are you looking for a school to partner with in your child’s life?

If you are curious about how Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse can guide your preschooler along their life’s journey, start by booking a tour at your preferred centre.



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