Helpful Ways to Boost Your Child’s Confidence for Show and Tell in Preschool

Show and Tell can be a little daunting for preschoolers who are not used to the concept, or who may take some convincing to speak up in front of their peers.

However, Show and Tell is a key way to help children develop confidence and effective communication skills.

Show and Tell in Singapore preschools

The best preschools in Singapore introduce Show and Tell early on. Some parents may think of Show and Tell as a formal presentation, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Most preschools will take baby steps – it could be as simple as taking turns to talk about a favourite item or photograph during circle time. The teachers will ask guiding questions to help encourage the children to share more. 

The benefits of Show and Tell

Acquiring language is a huge part of Show and Tell. Through their sharing, preschoolers are given the opportunity to use adjectives, and story-telling techniques to explain concepts to their friends. As they talk and listen, they pick up the tools for effective communication. 

Another benefit of Show and Tell is that children learn empathy and respect for each other. Different children have different life experiences – they come from different cultures, countries, and have much to share with each other.

Through their interactions during Show and Tell, the children learn about each other’s families, home lives, and interests. They learn to embrace differences with friendly curiosity and wonder, and revel in shared similarities. As they pay attention to each other, they also learn to give one another space and partake in respectful listening.

Show and Tell also allows children to direct their own learning. Most preschools will suggest a theme (a favourite stuffed toy, a family photograph, or perhaps a favourite book) and the preschoolers can choose what they wish to share about. This is an act of empowerment in learning and gives them the chance to take charge of what they want to talk about and learn in school that day. 

Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse

How can parents help children prepare for Show and Tell in preschool?

It is important to help your preschooler prepare for Show and Tell. It may be a new experience for them and some children are naturally a little more anxious than others.

Your child’s preschool teacher should alert you early on if there is a Show and Tell coming up to give you plenty of time to prepare. A note may come from the teacher to explain how the session might be run, what to bring and some questions the teacher might ask about their chosen item.

Rehearse with your child as much as you can. Practicing what they are going to say will help them feel empowered and prepared – which means that it takes some of the uncertainty out of the equation. Visual cues are always helpful, especially for preschoolers who are not yet reading and for whom a written script would not help. For example, your child may point to a particular part of the photograph to answer a question or to share the next point. 

If you allow screen time at home, watching a video of other children carrying out Show and Tell sessions may be helpful. Remember that different schools run their sessions differently, so it would be ideal to ask your child’s teacher if there are any videos they recommend for you to refer to.

What are some ways preschools may run Show and Tell sessions?

Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse

At Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse, the children participate in Kiddi Newsroom, a bilingual programme that gives our young ones the opportunity to read and ask questions on current affairs. This creates a safe platform for children to share their opinions on current issues that interest them, as they work on their comprehension skills and enjoy public speaking opportunities. 

We believe that a child-led, inquiry-based learning curriculum is ideal to bring out the best in our preschoolers and prepare them for a life of learning.

Our school can be a learning partner for you and your child

If you are curious about the guided inquiry-based learning curriculum at Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse, book a tour at your preferred centre.



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