Fun Numeracy Activities to Boost Your Child's Math Skills

Numeracy refers to the ability that we all have to recognise as well as apply mathematical concepts in all areas of life.

By about four years of age, most preschoolers should be able to meet several numeracy milestones such as being able to sort items by colour, shape and size; being able to compare and contrast items using classifications like height, distance or quantity; and being able to use their spatial awareness to put jigsaw puzzles together.

Many children will be able to count to ten consistently by the age of five, while a few may even master counting to twenty. 

While every child develops at a different rate, there are some fun activities you can do with your children to encourage their confidence and build their numeracy skills. 

Use simple mathematical terms in your daily life

Children pick up vocabulary at an astonishing rate in the first few years of their lives. Help them to learn simple terms and concepts by using the correct terms to introduce mathematical ideas to them, such as fast and slow, tall and short, and big and small. 

This is a lot easier than it sounds. For example, point out numerals that you may see around you, such as the numbers on road signs, buses, and advertisements. You can also count items together, such as the number of steps in a staircase, or compare the sizes and shapes of things you see around you. 

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Incorporate numeracy into playtime

There are many toys available in the market that teach numeracy in one way or another, such as shape sorting cubes or wooden or plastic letters and numbers. However, learning does not have to be limited to these types of toys that have limited usage. Think out of the box!

You can use everyday items at home to incorporate numeracy into playtime, such as putting loose parts into a bowl and letting your child sort them by colour, shape, size, or usage. Coloured pompoms, bottle caps, buttons, and even different pasta shapes can all work. To further extend learning, use a muffin tray or reuse plastic food containers, and have your child scoop up the loose parts with a spoon to sort them. 

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Bake together with your child

Did you know that baking is an excellent way to teach mathematics? Concepts such as weight, time, and even fractions are all things that your child can learn through baking.

Measuring cups are an excellent way to teach fractions! Fill them with water or flour to introduce them to the concept. Be sure to pick simple recipes that are difficult to mess up.

We love the basic three-ingredient banana oatmeal cookies that all children are sure to enjoy - you and your preschooler can even brainstorm favourite additions like chocolate chips, peanut butter, raisins, or coconut flakes!

Keep a height chart to measure growth

A time-treasured way to teach children about heights and lengths is to install a height chart in their room. Mark their heights every few months to see just how much they have grown.

Some play areas have height requirements, such as the boat ride at the River Wonders, or the Canopy Walk at Jewel. Keeping track of their heights and how fast they are growing can help them see when they are ready to tackle these play areas!

Bonus: remind your children that eating vegetables helps them to grow faster!

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How can preschools help?

The best preschools in Singapore have a curriculum focused on specific learning areas including numeracy. Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse has a dedicated Playtinkers programme featuring loose parts play, which invites children to think critically and solve problems creatively, all the while working on skills like language and numeracy.

Keen to find out more about our specialised programmes and how we can support your children in their preschool journey? 

Book a tour with us at your preferred centre today, and we will be more than happy to chat to you about the all-rounded learning experience that all Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse children benefit from.


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