Choosing a Preschool for Your Child: Near Home or Work?

Now that you are ready to place your child in a preschool, an important consideration is whether the school is near your home or your workplace.

Either option has its pros and cons, and it depends on each family’s personal situation. After all, the goal is to minimise the travel time and maximise time spent with your child.

Here are some factors to consider as you make your decision.

Factors to consider before deciding on a preschool 

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Who will be doing the daily school run?

Depending on your family’s arrangements, it may be either parent or a caregiver doing the school run. The location of the school should be convenient for whomever will be dropping off and picking up your child on any given day.

Choosing a preschool near home means that parents with long work commutes are less likely to get stuck in peak hour traffic with a child who is fussing from tiredness or hunger.

Caregivers bringing your child to and from your home would also undoubtedly find life easier if the school is conveniently located nearby. It would be a bonus if the school is within a walkable distance, meaning that caregivers would not need to drive or take public transport with your precious child.

Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse has centres across the island, making it easy for you to find one that is located near your home or office.

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Are your office hours close to preschool pick up and drop off times?

Having your child’s preschool near your office can make it much easier and less of a hassle for you to pick up your child after you get off from work. 

If your work day ends close to 7pm, or if you have a particularly long commute home, it may make more sense to have your child at a preschool near your workplace, so that you do not have to rush down and risk being late to pick your child up.

If your child needs to be picked up during an emergency, e.g. an unexpected sickness, you can also get to your child in a short span of time if you are already nearby.

For parents who commute to work on public transport, it is important to have your child in a preschool that is conveniently located along transport hubs and lines, such as the Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse centres in Harbourfront, Orchard, Novena and Newton.

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Do you often work from home or have flexible working schedules?

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a distinct shift in the way we work. Many of us now have more flexible working schedules and may work from home or a mobile office more often during the week. 

If so, a childcare near your home would certainly make more sense, since home would be an unchanging variable. 

Having your child in a preschool near home would also mean more flexibility for both parents. Unless both parents work in the same area, and expect to do so for the foreseeable future, having a child in a preschool near one parent’s workplace saddles that one parent with the responsibility of drop-offs and pick-ups every single day.

The Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse centres in Cactus (Yio Chu Kang), Katong, MacRitchie Park and Upper Bukit Timah are conveniently located in residential areas. These centres are warm, spacious yet cosy in the way they feel and function as a second home to the children. 

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Is keeping childcare costs low an important factor for you?

Childcare and preschool centres in the Central Business District (CBD) and city centre can often come with higher school fees as the rental for its location is significantly more expensive. 

On the other hand, preschools in the heartland areas tend to have slightly lower fees.

Most of the preschools located in city centres may not come with a spacious outdoor area with extensive play facilities and space as they are usually located in commercial buildings, as compared to the rest of the preschools that are housed in residential estates. 

If you are looking for a preschool in the CBD and city centre, and if outdoor learning and play is important to you, look for preschools which have dedicated private outdoor spaces, such as the Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse centres in Orchard, Novena and Newton.

Not only are these three centres located conveniently in and around the bustling city centre, but they also have spacious playhouses and eco-gardens for outdoor learning opportunities. 

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