4 Benefits of Having Your Child Start Preschool from Playgroup

When it comes a time to decide when your child should go to preschool, you may be wondering if it is really worth putting your little one in playgroup.

It is a valid question to ask when you are looking for the best play-based preschools in Singapore.

What are some of the benefits of placing your child in playgroup, and how does it help them get ready for preschool?

Building Emotional Confidence Through Playgroups

Children in playgroup are already at the perfect age for building close, developing relationships at home with their family members. This offers them a real sense of attachment and stability.

At this age, they can also comfortably spend some time away from their primary caregivers as a safe test of separation. This helps them to build emotional confidence and some measure of independence, while at the same time reinforcing the concept of a daily reunion.

With this means that the children will always be assured that they will come home safely to their parents and other family members.

In Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse, time is dedicated to caring for the children’s emotional needs. This includes helping them to find focus, calming strategies, and demonstrating patience and kindness with each other.

Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse

Routines, Schedules, and Activities

Children feel most comfortable with daily routines. This instils a sense of familiarity in them and ensures that they have a good understanding of the few activities that should be repeated every day for the forming of good habits – for example, washing up before and after mealtimes.

In the best playgroups in Singapore, the children’s days are organised flexibly around certain routines such as playtime, mealtime, naptime, etc. These routines help children feel safe and secure and help them to understand the concept of time management.

This will help them settle in much quicker when they graduate to preschool, as they will already have a good sense of the school day and routines.

Playgroups Encourage Cognitive and Linguistic Development

Joining a playgroup can help give your child a headstart in hitting developmental milestones.

Most playgroups in Singapore offer bilingual programmes, for example, which can help expose your growing child to languages that may not be commonly spoken at home.

After all, children acquire language through interaction, not only with parents and other adults, but also with other children. It is much easier for children to acquire a second language effortlessly when they regularly interact with speakers of those languages.

Furthermore, the best playgroups in Singapore tailor their core programmes specifically to learning areas that are crucial for small children – language, literacy, and numeracy among others.

Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse

Social Skills 

Children begin to really interact with their peers when they are around two years of age. They begin engaging in more pretend play, which helps to develop language, thinking and creative skills.

Interactive play also teaches them empathy and compassion as they learn to resolve conflicts and cooperate with each other.

Playgroups offer children the opportunity to interact with other kids their own age, an opportunity that not all children will have at home.

In playgroup, the children form friendships, communicate their emotions, and handle interpersonal challenges. By attending playgroup, children will be better equipped to manage relationships with their peers in preschool.

Looking for a playgroup in Singapore for your child?

Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse offers an Early Years programme for children of playgroup age. Find out more about our curriculum and book a tour at your preferred campus to see how our children are encouraged to explore, discover and showcase their creativity and imagination.


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