Back to school - Extended precautionary measures and safety guidelines

The circuit breaker has been lifted and our children are gradually making their way back to school after two months of staying at home. As we are halfway through the battle of overcoming the global pandemic, our children and staff’s safety are of paramount importance to us.

As such, Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse has implemented various enhanced safety measures and guidelines to ensure that our children are in a clean and safe environment as the school reopens.


To set up the waiting area, markers/boxes will be clearly indicated on the floor at the entrance of the school to ensure that parents/guardians stand at least 1 meter apart for drop-off or pick-up. This is to minimise the risk of transmission and contact between individuals. It is also a requirement for our staff and children from different classes to use separate entrances/exists, where available.

Classrooms are where our children will spend most of their time. To ensure each child practices safe distancing, tables have been rearranged and learning corners will be limited to a maximum of 2 children at a time. In addition, all furniture and objects will be cleaned with disinfectant for hygiene purposes.

Cleaning of commonly used areas will be conducted every 3 hours. Queue markers will be indicated in the school premises for children’s reference – for instance, outside the toilet. All centres are equipped with air purifiers and it will be switched on when common areas are in use. Otherwise, all windows will be opened when not in use to allow ventilation.

Precautionary 2

Upon arrival in the morning, children and staff will have to take their daily temperature check 3 times and day, alongside handwashing with soap at least every two hours to practice good personal hygiene. Children or staff with signs of cough, runny nose or flu will be restricted to enter the school premises and will be advised to seek medical consultation immediately.

With these extended precautionary measures and safety guidelines in place, we would like to assure parents that our children will be learning in a safe and conducive environment that still continues to maximise their learning experiences.

Meanwhile, let’s continue to practice our social responsibility and stay safe during this period. Together, we can overcome this arduous journey as a big Kiddiwinkie family!


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