Amazing Benefits of Outdoor Play for Preschoolers

It isn’t surprising to note that children spend an increasing amount of time indoors and in front of screens. With a growing reliance on gadgets and devices to power society, it is normal that children are right there on the cusp of the digital revolution.

However, it is also wise to balance indoor time with outdoor time in a child's growing years.

Outdoor play provides many benefits to preschoolers

Playing outside gives children the opportunity for unstructured playtime built around physical activities. They can explore different types of terrain (a jungle gym counts!) and exercise motor skills that may not get as much practice at home.

Mother Nature provides many free toys – sticks, leaves and stones – that can stretch a child’s imagination. Water playgrounds are another great way for kids to get out, get wet, and enjoy a full-body workout under the sun. 

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Outdoor play helps promote exercise and physical wellbeing in preschool children

Children who spend more time indoors have less opportunity to really stretch their legs and exercise their muscles.

With outdoor play, children can run, jump, skip and climb – all while honing stamina and motor skills like agility, balance, and coordination. Regular outdoor play will help muscles grow stronger, and at the same time boost a child's immunity levels.

Lastly, vitamin D from the sun is crucial for children to build strong bones and keep teeth healthy. 

Rather than leading sedentary lifestyles indoors, bringing children for regular outdoor play models an active lifestyle from young. This then instills a healthy attitude towards keeping active daily. The numerous children’s playgrounds in Singapore are safe and well-equipped for various types of physical activity.

Outdoor play helps to stretch children's creative imagination 

When they are given free rein to play with the natural objects around them like sticks, stones and leaves, preschool children often come up with interesting stories, games and role plays.

They may create natural flower bouquets with what they have found, admire the shapes of leaves and twigs, or build trails with insects. Children may also hunt for leaves with a particular texture or colour, or use sticks to draw in the sand.

An outdoor environment presents preschool children with countless opportunities to stretch their imaginations and develop their creative thinking skills. 

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Outdoor play helps cultivate an appreciation for nature from young

Parks, beaches and hiking trails provide children with plenty of chances to explore natural environments. Singapore has a variety of flora and fauna to interest children of all ages. From tiny ladybugs to monkeys, wildflowers to rubber trees, there is much to observe and appreciate about the earth.  

Inculcating a love for nature and an appreciation for the environment is crucial, especially as global warming and deforestation means that our natural environment is depleting at an alarming rate. 

Outdoor play helps children burn their energy

Do your children struggle to fall asleep at night? A child who is indoors all day may find it difficult to sleep at bedtime because they have not been engaged physically and mentally enough.

During outdoor play, children naturally use all five of their senses. Being on heightened alert means that they will be fully engaged, providing an exhaustive (and exhausting!) workout for their minds and their bodies.

You will likely find that after playing outdoors, your child will use up more energy and is more likely to sleep well at night. 

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Preschools that offer outdoor play in the curriculum

The best playgroups and preschools in Singapore intentionally include outdoor play into their daily curriculum.

Some schools have spacious outdoor areas as part of their school infrastructure, while others make use of neighbourhood spaces like public playgrounds or parks. Most Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse centres have large outdoor play areas with facilities for children to enjoy water and sand play, as well as outdoor playgrounds specially constructed to thoroughly engage our children.

Are your children keen on gardening? Some of our centres (such as Katong and Cactus) even have a herb garden that the kids can explore!

Looking for a preschool in Singapore for your child?

Find out more about our curriculum at Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse, and book a tour at your preferred centre to see how our children are encouraged to explore, discover and showcase their creativity and imagination.


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