Important skills your child will learn from attending playgroup

It is always bittersweet when parents realise that their babies are no longer, well, babies. They are walking and even running, and beginning to chatter away nineteen to the dozen.

It is no surprise then that you may start to consider if attending a playgroup is ideal for you and your child. 

What is playgroup?

In Singapore, playgroup, sometimes known as the toddler class, is meant for children between the ages of 18 months and 3 years. Playgroup is an excellent way to introduce children to a fun learning environment and help them settle in for potentially longer hours in nursery and preschool. 

In a playgroup, children will typically enjoy:
●  Singing and dancing 
●  Age-appropriate arts and crafts and activities
●  Free and guided playtime with toys and loose parts
●  Indoor and outdoor group activities 
●  Snack time with their classmates and friends

Some parents may have a hard time deciding when their children are ready to start school. Is playgroup really necessary, and how can it benefit your child?


Socialisation with other children their age

In the toddler years, children often engage in parallel play. This means that during playdates, you may observe your child playing beside other children, rather than playing with them. The children seem to prefer engaging in solitary play individually. In this case, does it benefit them to be around other children?

You might be surprised to hear that the answer is yes! Parallel play is a normal and important step in your child’s development, and yet it does not mean that your child is isolated. 

By observing how other children interact with people and their environment, your little one is picking up tips on social interaction. These interactions could be positive, such as when they share food or toys, or negative, such as when another child has a meltdown; whether positive or negative, there is always something for your toddler to learn.

Exposure to new people, objects, and environments

Even though toddlers seem to be playing by themselves, they are still keeping an eye and ear on other children. They may discover a new way to play with a toy, or may overhear new vocabulary being used concerning that toy that they might not have encountered at home. 

During playgroup sessions, the teachers also guide the toddlers through fun, educational activities that introduce new concepts to them, aiding their cognitive development, while also strengthening their motor skills.

While caregivers at home may not know the best way to stretch a toddler’s learning and creativity, playgroup teachers are trained to do exactly this. With songs, dances, stories and engaging activities, children in playgroup have the opportunity to learn in many different ways.


In KiddiWinkie Schoolhouse, our toddlers experience unique programmes such as Pic-a-Book and Backpack Stories, which are designed to ignite a deep, lasting love for exploration and learning through exciting stories and creative play.

Emotional growth and development 

Children spending their full days at home will be used to being the sole focus of their caregivers’ attention. In a playgroup setting with several other children, they will learn to share and take turns, to be mindful of other people’s needs, and to follow simple instructions.

Children in playgroup will learn to be more resilient and how to work together and cooperate. When they participate together in playgroup activities, they will build their confidence and self-assurance, necessary for them to take their first steps into the world.

In a safe environment where teachers are supportive and caring, toddlers in playgroup will learn to regulate their emotions and manage their big feelings in age-appropriate ways.


Adapting to routines that prepare them for preschool

Parents already know how quickly our little ones grow up. Toddlers who start in playgroup quickly pick up the routines and structures that help them develop a sense of security and predictability. 

As they warm to the daily routines of a typical school day, toddlers will be much better prepared for the transition to nursery and kindergarten. The familiarity of the school routine means that they will have little trouble moving up the ranks and will be well-seasoned and ready for preschool.

In KiddiWinkie Schoolhouse, our toddlers enjoy both playing and learning as they adapt to life in school. Find out more when you book a tour at your preferred KiddiWinkie Schoolhouse location today.

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