‘Share the Love’ Charity Carnival at Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse @ ENV

As part of our ENV campus’ Start Small Dream Big project – an initiative by the Early Childhood Development Agency – our ENV campus organized a ‘Share the Love’ Charity Carnival on the 7th of July 2018.

‘Share the Love’ Charity Carnival was set up to raise funds for the Children’s Cancer Foundation. It was prepared by our teachers and K2 children as our little creative thinkers designed and decorated the various stalls and stations for the day.

With all their hard work put in, all the children and their parents were very excited for the carnival as the day approaches! Everyone in the centre, including our parents, also supported the event by purchasing the carnival coupons – where the proceeds will be donated to the Children’s Cancer Foundation.

From dressing our parents and children in beautiful sarees to capturing unforgettable moments at our photo booth, we even had an art and craft stall set up by our talented Art Director, Mrs Rai! Many of our children were captivated by the array of art materials provided to create their own mini tote bag, clothes hangers and canvas masterpiece! Enjoy crafty activities? We also had a scrapbooking booth – with handmade cards, rubber stamps, and many other scrapbooking materials!

To further help raise funds, we even had a garage sale where second-hand books, toys, puzzles, electronic gadgets and stationeries donated by our lovely parents were put up for sale. Not only that, some of the beautiful canvas paintings done by our K2 children were up for sale as well!

It’s not a carnival without its carnival games and food! From fishing to bowling to a large variety of food and beverages, all of our parents and children had an enjoyable time at the different game stations and filling up their happy bellies!

All the booths and stalls were managed by the teachers and their family members. Many parents shared that the carnival was a meaningful way to bond with their family and their schoolmates. Not only do the family members support and encourage their siblings or children during the games but others too. It was indeed an enjoyable and heart-warming carnival at our ENV campus!

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