Getting your child ready for back to school with us!

After two months of staying home, our little ones will finally be making their way back to school.  They have been missed! As much as our children look forward to meeting their teachers and friends again, it might pose as a slight challenge for parents to get their children to return to school due to the prolonged period of staying at home with varying daily schedule.

Fret not, we are here to share a few tips on what you should prepare in order for your child to adapt to preschool lifestyle and habits again!

Tip 1: Re-adjust your child’s daily routine/schedule 

If your child has been sleeping late at night, get them in bed earlier so they could wake up early the next day. By doing so, their breakfast and lunch hour can be scheduled similar to the school’s timetable.

Tip 2: Do not skip naptime 

It is important for children at young age to have ample rest and sleep as it enhances their overall mental and physical health. At Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse, we have included naptime in the afternoon to ensure that our children gets significant amount of rest. Encourage your child to take a nap or rest in accordance to their school’s timetable.

Tip 3: Start a conversation with them about school

As the day of school reopening draws nearer, parents could attempt to start a conversation with their little ones on the topic – School. Show them items like their school uniforms and provide them with assurance. Despite the new measures implemented, it will still be an exciting place for them to learn through fun and play!

Tip 4: Packing your child’s school bag with them

In order for our children to get used to packing their school bag again, parents can help to do it together with them! At the same time, you can also remind them why are the items in their bag necessary for school. For instance, water bottle – to drink up and hydrate themselves all the time.

We hope these tips are helpful in preparing your child for a smooth return to school. With that, Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse wishes everyone a great and fruitful weekend!

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