Beyond the duties of a nanny


The moment you hold your newborn, it is love at first sight. Parents want the best for their little angel and could only think of spending all their time being by their newborn’s side. Yet, there is only so much time you can spend with him before you head to work to support the family. It is common for both parents to work in a household especially in today’s society. Working parents do not have much time during the weekdays to be at home, turning to alternatives – relative taking care of the infant, hiring a domestic helper, engaging a nanny or enrolling the infant to a child care centre. Most of the time, it boils down to a nanny or a childcare centre as they offer professional and experienced care for your newborn.

Engaging a nanny

There is a huge selection of nannies that parents can choose to engage. Younger nannies tend to be qualified with certifications from various education centres. They are new and fresh to this industry but have a strong passion for infant care. On the other hand, most older nannies may not have the same qualifications but they have more experience throughout the years of being a nanny. They are also more composed when handling emergencies and are more accredited from parents who they have serviced before.

The convenience of engaging a nanny is that their timing is flexible. They can provide their services on an ad-hoc basis depending on their schedule and if required, they can extend their service to overnight care. However, hiring an affordable nanny that your family trust is more complex than you think. There are many variables to consider and the worry of having an incompetent nanny can be overwhelming sometimes. With sufficient research, you can engage a nanny who is the best fit for your family however, it may come with a hefty price tag.

Infant Care @ Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse

Just like nannies, caregivers are required to have qualifications to join the team at Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse. The team of caregivers go through strict training for emergencies, first-aid and curriculum. Similarly, the team of teachers provides development opportunities beyond that of nannies. Apart from basic care that is provided to the infant, our teachers stimulate and develop the infants through our C.A.R.E framework – Communicative, Attentive, Responsive, Engaging. Our Infant C.A.R.E programme is centered around:

KW-IFC Programme
With a warm and safe environment, infants learn through exploratory and sensory play, coupled with language-rich experience to meet their physical and developmental needs. Quality control is set by Kiddiwinkie where our team of teachers goes through frequent training to refresh and upgrade themselves with our in-house experts. Kiddiwinkie sets protocols and guidelines for teachers to follow and they are regulated and accredited accordingly. In case of emergency, our well-trained teachers are prompt to resolve the issue with their extensive knowledge. Our centres conducts surveillance during operating hours and are monitored by the centre’s principal to prevent misconduct by any individuals.

As a child care, we strictly adhere and go beyond Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) guidelines regarding children’s quality of care. According to ECDA, the staff to child ratio is 1 caregiver to 5 infants and in Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse, we offer a low staff-child ratio of 1 caregiver to 3 infants so that our caregivers can pay more attention to each newborn. With a more personal touch to each infant, they are able to develop a closer relationship with our team of teachers, building trust and letting babies feel safe.

We believe that in a high ratio of well-trained educators in a quality environment, an infant’s development will make an impact during the early stages of your child’s life. In Kiddiwinkie, we provide infant care services in our Orchard, Grandstand and Upper Bukit Timah campus. Interested to know more about our infant care services? Sign up for a school tour today!